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When Is the Best Time to Have Commercial Asphalt Paving Performed?

When Is the Best Time to Have Commercial Asphalt Paving Performed?

If your commercial parking lot is in need of repair, resurfacing or repaving, you may be wondering when the ideal time is to schedule the job. From a business perspective, it’s important to consider the impact a repaving project will have on your employees and customers. You ideally want to have the job performed at a time and on a schedule that will minimize disruption to your operations.

There are other important factors to consider as well. In almost every case, warmer temperatures make for better asphalt paving conditions. Asphalt needs to be applied at high temperatures, and the asphalt mixture needs to maintain a high temperature while it’s being smoothed and compacted. Winter conditions can make doing this difficult, which can result in some asphalt companies leaving jobs with less than ideal results.

For example, if the asphalt, delivered at 300-degrees Fahrenheit, is being applied 1.5 inches thick, and the surface temperature of the ground is only 40-degrees Fahrenheit, the asphalt contractors would only have about 16 minutes to compact the asphalt before it cools below approximately 175-degrees Fahrenheit, the point where it is no longer adequately malleable to finish the job properly. However, if the surface temperature were 80-degrees Fahrenheit those same asphalt contractors would have 24 minutes to compact the asphalt.1

The thicker the asphalt being applied, the longer asphalt contractors have to complete compaction, as the asphalt mixture will retain heat longer.

Businesses in the Puget Sound area also have to contend with frequent moisture, which can also have a negative impact on asphalt paving results.

All that being said, an experienced asphalt paving company utilizing high-quality materials, modern equipment and efficient processes can get around the issues caused by cold weather. At Lakeridge Paving Company, we can apply asphalt at a high enough temperature and proceed with efficient compaction in a timeframe that allows for effective and reliable asphalt paving results regardless of the time of year.

Despite the fact that we can perform asphalt paving all year long, many property owners are under the impression that the autumn and winter months aren’t ideal for paving. This means asphalt paving companies are overbooked during the summer months and have greater availability during the winter months.

If you want to have your commercial asphalt paving job performed on a specific timeline or schedule, you may have better luck scheduling your job during the cooler months, when asphalt paving contractors have more availability.

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