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Seattle Pothole Repair Services

To keep the roadways and parking lots on your commercial property safe, you need to keep the asphalt in good repair.

Rather than wait for the damage in the asphalt to worsen before calling a repair expert, get in touch with a professional as soon as possible. You’ll save more money if you schedule repairs before a small issue becomes a big problem—a pothole costs less money to fix than replacing an entire parking lot.

When you need fast and effective pothole solutions for your Seattle, WA commercial property, give Lakeridge Paving Company a call.

Prevent Damage to the Road and Vehicles

Small potholes quickly turn into a larger issue. The bigger a pothole becomes, the more asphalt you’ll have to replace—especially because potholes can cause the surrounding asphalt to crack and split. Additionally, potholes can cause the following problems for cars:

  • Damaged engine, exhaust system, and wheel rims
  • Damaged or broken suspension
  • Misaligned steering system
  • Punctured or worn tires
  • Wear on struts and shocks

Keep your road (and any passing cars) in good condition by scheduling a pothole filling from Lakeridge Paving Company.

Trust Our Skilled Technicians

Since 1968, we have provided commercial property owners with expert pothole solutions at reasonable prices. When we perform a pothole repair, we take the following measures:

  • Determine extent of damage and define area to be repaired
  • Prep failed area by removing damaged asphalt and prepare base
  • Place new asphalt in prepared area
  • Compact new asphalt with vibratory roller
  • Seal edges of new patch with liquid asphalt

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