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City of Snohomish Case Study

Type: Asphalt Grinding
City: Snohomish

The City of Snohomish selected Lakeridge Paving as their asphalt paving contractors for a repave of 2nd Avenue between 05/12/2014 and 06/11/2014. The original road surface suffered from “allegation” which is the term for the cracking of asphalt as it hardens and wears over several years. Left untreated, cracked asphalt can allow water to erode the underlying roadbed, causing potholes or even sinkholes to appear. Overlays such as this one, done on schedule, save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly roadbed repairs each year.

Here’s how the process works.
The original roadbed was ground down to accommodate 2” of asphalt. All of the grindings from the old road bed are taken back to the asphalt plant to be recycled and reused in future roadways:

No details were overlooked with the preparation:

Final measurements and marks were placed on the prepared surface, accommodating for previously-installed utilities, proper drainage and a smooth driving surface:

After the prep-work was completed, a coating tack asphalt binder was applied to the prepared surface, adhering the prepared roadbed to the new asphalt:

The old roadbed was then overlaid with 2” of asphalt, asphalt by two Lakeridge paving crews working in tandem:

20,000 lb rollers skillfully compact the asphalt into a smooth driving surface:

Careful attention was paid to road utilities, curbing, driveways and landscaping:

After giving the asphalt time to cure, the roadway was restriped and reopened for use:

Lakeridge Paving Co. would like to thank the businesses on 2nd Ave for their patience while we worked this job as quickly and respectfully as possible.