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Don’t Panic! Those Rainy Days Won’t Ruin Your New Driveway

Type: Asphalt Paving
City: All

You didn’t even check the weather this morning because you already knew what it would look like. You live in Seattle, so you expect rain to fall on nearly 150 days a year. Rain defines part of Seattle’s psyche, so we don’t really worry about it most of the time.

If you schedule a paving company to install an asphalt driveway on a rainy day, what can you expect?

How Much Does Rain Affect Asphalt Anyway?

If the temperature is set to stay around a luxurious 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire week, then the crew installing your asphalt driveway won’t have any trouble laying or setting it.

Here’s what you can expect the rain to do to your driveway project.

  • The colder weather makes the asphalt settle faster.
  • The evaporation of rainwater also cools the blacktop much more quickly.
  • Because the blacktop cools so much faster, it settles too quickly for the work crews to make it smooth and attractive. The finished product will end up rougher.

Most companies prefer to stop constructing driveways when the weather turns sour, but as long as the crew begins the project before the rain starts, they can continue as usual. They only have to worry about the rainwater if puddles start to form or if the rain starts coming down in buckets.

How Does Lakeridge Paving Handle the Rain?

Paving with blacktop in Seattle—even with the rain—has never been more convenient with Lakeridge Paving. You’ll get a beautiful driveway no matter what, and Lakeridge Paving will consult you if any problems arise. If the weather turns threatening, a customer service representative will tell you about any unscheduled delay, but we responsibly plan around the weather beforehand.

A little rain doesn’t have to stop you from improving the look of your home. As long as you plan in advance, our company can easily meet your needs and requirements. Call Lakeridge Paving at 888-403-8290 today!