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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling Commercial Asphalt Repaving or Resurfacing

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling Commercial Asphalt Repaving or Resurfacing

Property owners have a lot of options when it comes to addressing a failing asphalt parking lot or access roads. There are many potential solutions that can extend the working life of your existing parking lot, and many things to consider if complete replacement really is the best option.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Commercial Paving Job

Consider your business’s parking lot and any specifics needs or problems you currently have that should be addressed:

  1. Are there areas that tend to accumulate more standing water than others? Consider inspecting your paved areas after a rainstorm to identify areas that may have problematic draining.
  2. Does your current parking situation meet your needs? Lines can be adjusted to accommodate more vehicles or give vehicles more space in each spot.
  3. Do you have any problems with people speeding or driving recklessly in your parking lot? Having your property’s parking lot or driveways repaved is a good opportunity to add speedbumps or other traffic calming features.
  4. Do you have any major building construction projects coming up? It’s advisable to have construction or renovation projects completed first so construction vehicles don’t damage your newly paved commercial parking lot.
  5. When is the best time to have the job performed? Even if you decide to overhaul your existing parking lot, you’ll want to choose a time when the project will have minimal impact on your business’s operations.

Is Repair an Option?

There are some circumstances when it may make sense to have potholes professionally patched or cracks properly filled rather than pay for a larger-scale job.

At Lakeridge Paving, we always encourage businesses with asphalt parking lots to call an asphalt repair company as soon as possible once a pothole begins to form. The bigger a pothole gets, the harder it is to repair, as they will inevitably cause the surrounding asphalt to crack and split.

However, if your asphalt parking lot is old, has developed many potholes and cracks or has undergone many pothole repairs over the years, replacement may be a more cost-effective solution long-term than continuing to patch an already compromised parking lot.

Pavement Reinforcement in Seattle

In addition to completely repaving a parking lot, our asphalt paving company also offers pavement reinforcing services. We encourage you to call us for an inspection and learn if our reinforcement services, which involves installing a fabric overlay to reinforce your parking lot’s existing subgrade and improve base stability, would be a more cost-effective option. Once the fabric overlay is in place it is covered with new asphalt.

We’ve used this reinforcement technique on highways, airports and industrial surfaces, and can attest to its ability to significantly improve moisture resistance and better absorb pressure from vehicles and heavy equipment.

Comprehensive Commercial Paving Services in Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn and Bellevue

If you’ve had an assessment performed by an asphalt paving company and you believe removal and repaving is your best option, it’s worth your time to check the commercial asphalt paving company’s references and past work before signing a contract. Having a parking lot repaved or refinished is a significant long-term investment, so it pays to ensure the asphalt contractor is experienced, reputable and will offer comprehensive and reliable services.

A commercial paving company should be providing:

  • Grinding and removal of the old asphalt
  • Clearing and grading of the ground
  • Installation of any necessary storm water systems
  • Installation of Petromat® or another reliable asphalt overlay
  • Curbing and parking lot striping
  • Any other custom design services you may need for your parking lot or paved spaces

Lakeridge Paving Company has been providing commercial, industrial and residential paving services in the Seattle area for more than 50 years, and we pride ourselves on honest business practices and exceptional customer service.

We encourage you to call us at 888-403-8290 to schedule a quote. Our experts will give you an honest assessment of your commercial asphalt parking lot, and suggest repair, reinforcement or replacement options that will work for you.